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 Vallarpadam bascilica at Ernakulam, Kerala, India


Kochi Muziris biennale Aspinwall building

To the Kochi biennale 2016 post#1

I am, rather we are lucky to witness the Kochi Muziris biennale  ever since it’s inception. This the third one we are going to enjoy. We are in the ferry from Ernakulam to fortkochi , the central venue of the biennale. With every biennale event my respect for the architects of this event Bose Krishnamachari and Riaz Kommu who spotted the opportunity and fought against all odds to make it happen soars to greater heights. Kudos to their willpower and vision to fight all odds. 

Me and Rosanna at the ernakulam boat jetty

The boat timings from ernakulam jetty to fortkochi

And finally we are at the venue….

In anticipation of good times..


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Most probably the last professional assignment of  year 2016 is over and I am on my way back home from Coimbatore in anticipation of Christmas and new year. So is Mr.Dzousa the ticket examiner of Indian railways. Wish you a very merry Christmas. 


Relaxing under the nutmeg tree

​Clicking photographs sitting under that nutmeg tree (planted by my beloved Dad) with my compact Sony camera or the Lumix fz200 which allows me with the 400mm zoom capability, listening to the melody of the  birds who are a kind of regulars at the backyard and waiting for their mercy for a photograph along with my darling German Shepherd Theo is my favourite way to relax. There is nothing to beat it….I am awed by the beauty of creation, and i adore the creator…that is my prayer…and I am relaxed…

The Chinese fishing nets..and the anticipation…


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Kerala is blessed with the chinese fishing nets…still reminding us of the erstwhile Kochi Muziris which was the historical trading hub where the Chinese, the Dutch, Jews, Portuguese, Arabs and the British traded their goods in return for black gold (pepper). The chinese fishing nets are one of their gifts to us, among many other. It takes lot of effort to lower the net into the depths and to pull it up. Every time one lowers the net, it reminds me of their anticipation and optimism of Humans…even if it is hardship…the lure or the anticipation of good times or news drives us forward.

I was dreaming of capturing this chinese net for some time now, and recently I decided to strike of this item from my photography bucket list.  So, I stopped , waited and clicked with my Canon 550D.




In anticipation of a good catch


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The local hindu festival during makaravilakku


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Yesterday we had a Hindu festival celebration in our village, in conjunction with the Makaravilakku. This was the venue. I spotted it only today morning during my cycling spree. It was a great piece of art with it’s symmetry and color and it looks purely Indian. It is all done by the local people. It is decorated with flowers, plantains and the stem of the plantain plant / tree.


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The Bullet – Made like a gun


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Bullet motorcycle made by the Royal Enfield is closely linked to the history of India, and is the dream of most of the Indians to own one. Today my neighbor parked his bike in our car park as some maintenance work was going on in his house, and I had enough time to capture some photograph of this beautiful beast. I too want to own one, and it is now or never. It is definitely in my bucket list.

Nepal adventure with Royal Enfield 

Inside the envelope


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What is inside the envelope?. Is it a banned medicine?. Many medicines internationally banned are still allowed to sell in India. What could be the reason?.

Why internationally banned drugs are still sell in India?.

Sterilization deaths 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped.”