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A covering or containing structure or layer; that is one of the dictionary meanings of the word envelope, the other being paper cover. Going by this definition, I was sure to find many of them at the nearby Decathlon store, where a visit was due to get my cycle serviced. While the mechanic was busy servicing my cycle, I went around within the Decathlon store at Kochi, with my canon camera fitted with the 50mm lens. A big thank you to the mechanic who did a fantastic job on my river rider bike. I am excited and raring to go for the next long ride.

Here are some of the envelopes from the sports store;

IMG_8712 IMG_8714 IMG_8716 IMG_8717 IMG_8719 IMG_8721 IMG_8722 IMG_8723 IMG_8732 IMG_8734

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped.”