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Jachfruit (chakka in malayalam, the local language) is always linked to the fond childhood memories, when me and my one dozen cousins feasted on fresh jack fruits from the backyard  of my mother’s home, after those long football and cricket matches. Then at some point of time, nobody wanted it. It was not in the preferred list. May be due to it’s intense smell which takes a while to subside. Then the modernization or the so called development started in my country India, and most of the jack fruit trees were cut. Due to shortage of food, the birds did not allow the jack fruits to ripe, as they were consumed by the hungry birds much before. Due to the change in lifestyle the number of diabetes patients increased.  That is the time when a couple of articles appeared about the natural insulin content within the jack fruits. Now there is a lot of demand for jack fruits. Yesterday I even went for a jack fruit exhibition at the Marine drive, Kochi.

The photograph above is from our neighbor’s compound. They have enveloped it with plastic sheets to  protect it from birds and thieves.

Cooked raw jack fruits reduces insulin dependency 

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped.”